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Project Description


As a key to our system providing the maximum savings to the owner and builder, it is essential that the design team include the prefabricated manufactured products on the building documents from the beginning. We can easily demonstrate how we save in labor costs, and the materials are generally the same specifications for either method of construction. The only additional costs for prefab products being minimal for protection, packaging, subflooring, shipping and installation, all of which are easily offset by the field labor savings generated. The choice to develop with prefabricated products needs to be made early on in the process and shown clearly on bid documents as NIC by field trades.  However, if projects are designed conventionally and bid out without the prefabricated products shown as NIC and by others, the builders and owners never see the full labor savings credit back from the standard subcontractors. The jobsite labor savings are critical to making the prefabricated products competitive in the overall budget. To make this happen, NS works with the design build team from the beginning to provide the documentation required for the design documents, so that the bidders on the project clearly understand what has been eliminated from their scopes and where they will be required to connect or attach to our products.

Project Details

July 27, 2015


Design, Multi Family