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The Neopod™ leadership team is comprised of experienced professionals in the construction, engineering and manufacturing industries. As a qualified Small Business Enterprise, we bring over 70 years of experience to challenge traditional thinking and create an innovative and dynamic company. They have researched the best practices throughout Europe and the United States, studied the requirements of our clients and assembled a highly skilled team to build the next evolution of pre-manufactured units in the market.


Juan is a second-generation high-end residential developer in South Florida with extensive experience in manufacturing, operations, process optimization and project management in a variety of industries. With a LEED AP, a B.S. and a Masters in Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering degrees from Cornell University and the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, Juan serves as Neopod’s™ inspiration for creating “PODibilities™” in todays traditional construction enviroment. His background includes Operations Manager for Procter & Gamble’s Caribbean manufacturing and distribution operations, Management Consultant for Fortune 50 corporations (industrial and financial), and VP of B2B e-Commerce implementation for a Latin American consortium of financial institutions to name a few. Most recently, Juan has led the development of multiple residential projects throughout coastal South Florida.


Michael, a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, manages all aspects of project documentation including material submittals, shop drawings, and BIM coordination models. In addition, Michael is responsible for material procurement, production management, and POD logistics. Michael’s knowledge, expertise and skills provide assistance in the use of CAM technology, helping NeoPod™ produce PODs within tight tolerances to help get the job done. His coordination and insight of each POD provides for the smooth delivery and installation into the building. Not only does Michael have the creative vision to bring PODs to almost any project, but he is also able to develop a solid plan that gets most out of your “PODibilities™.”


Chuck is both an industrial property developer and president of Right Way Plumbing Co., Inc., one of the largest plumbing company’s in the Southeast United States; which is also ranked by the Engineering News Record (ENR) top 600 US specialty contractors comprised of all trades. His experience as a licensed General, Plumbing, Pollutant Storage, Fire Sprinkler Contractor and Developer allow Neopod to understand the big picture. In addition, Chuck brings all of Right Way’s support with experience in projects including hospitality, dormitory, medical and ACLF markets to the NeoPod™ team.

Sandy maintains STS high standards to details and commitment in producing informative and clear drawings and data. He reviews all drawings and documents before finial delivery to client and contractors.


Daniel has over 35 years of experience in all facets of the plumbing industry including residential and commercial construction. Daniels VP position at Right Way Plumbing Co in So Florida takes him to the forefront of the latest technology and materials in the industry.  His vast knowledge and training as a Certified Plumbing Contractor, OSHA 10 & 30 Certified, ASME Welder, Technological Expert and Safety Director, leads our Expert Team in Research and Development. Daniels management skills and field operations experience gives him an edge in the construction industry. He is always looking for the next best way to improve the process, create a safer work environment and build on the leading edge of the technological field. Daniel is always thinking “Outside the POD!”

John Doe, Project Manager

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